14th IWA International Conference on Water Reclamation and Reuse

Dr Esper Jacobeth Ncube

(PHD in Public Health, Masters in Business Leadership (MBL), Masters in Water Utilization (MSc), BSc (Hons) in Chemistry, BSc (Chemical Sciences Education), Pr. Sci. Nat (Water Resources and Chemical Sciences), ASAICE, SFWISA, MIWA, MAFWASA, MACS, MEASA, MPHASA, MCOMENSA, MIoDSA.

Dr Esper Jacobeth Ncube is currently employed by Rand Water as Manager Process Technology, accountable for the selection of best fit technologies for water treatment, process investigation and optimisation. She has 33years of work experience (27 years in the Water industry being actively involved in water and sanitation focusing on water resources management, water quality assurance, research and development, water treatment and public health protection. She has served in various leadership roles since joining the water industry in 1997. Has presented in national and international conferences since 1998 on fluoridation in water, selection and prioritisation protocols for drinking water quality monitoring, disinfection, water borne diseases, emerging contaminants of concern and water reuse. She has supervised postgraduate research in these areas since 2011. She has published articles in water chemistry, water microbiology and environmental health with the effort of making the world appreciate the link between water, sanitation, hygiene, and public health. Since 2013 her focus has been on water safety planning, wastewater reclamation and reuse, emerging contaminants of concern, standards, frameworks, and protocols development for improving water and sanitation governance in developing countries.